Apart from the ‘Sharing City Game’ we introduced at Ouishare Fest in Paris last May, we also organized a round table session at the same conference, together with Shareable. We expected to sit down with a small group, but again we were amazed by the number of people wanting to know about the Sharing City concept and its opportunities and challenges. After a plenary introductory round, we had to break up and divided the group in four different tables: one table led by Tom from Shareable and the other ones by shareNL team members Pieter, Samantha and Harmen. In about an hour’s time all participants dived deeper into the Sharing City phenomenon.

Just as a (sharing) city itself, we had people from all sides at our tables: people from startups, from larger corporations, from municipalities and from NGO’s. It is this blend of organizations with very different backgrounds and from cities from all over the world that made the dialogue so rich.  

We talked about what a Sharing City is. What are the benefits for a city? Is it mainly the city government or also other stakeholders in and around the city? How and when do you acclaim to be a Sharing City? How did Amsterdam Sharing City came about? What can we learn from that? How can we look further than Airbnb and Uber? How can we facilitate city-to-city learning? How can we collaborate on an international level? These and several other subjects were topics at this lively session in Paris.

Would you like to have answers on these and other questions? Are you interested in knowing more about what it means to be a Sharing City and how you can participate? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with shareNL. We would love to tell you all about it, share our experience and get you kickstarted. You can also find more information under ‘Sharing City’ at our website

Looking forward to work with you!

Harmen van Sprang

Picture through the organization of Oushare Fest 2016