Events in the collaborative economy


Every year, we organise and co-organise events relevant for the collaborative economy and the future of the new economy. We do this for, or together with, governments, companies, startups, knowledge institutions and individuals. 


What we can do for you

With having organised and co-organised over 25 events within the collaborative and sharing economy, from large car sharing symposiums to intimate meetups, we have knowledge, experience and the network to help you with your event.



Our team consists of globally recognised experts in the collaborative and sharing economy field. We work with governments, companies, organisations, knowledge institutions and startups and we frequently travel abroad to give keynotes and workshops for events and other happenings (Have a look at our experts here). Research is a big part of shareNL, where we look into the latest developments in the collaborative economy in order to provide up-to-date insights. 


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We have experience in organising events such as the car sharing symposium in 2016 with more than 250 attendees and informal but informational meetups. We have co-organised events such as the NRC Live sharing economy, TNW collaborative economy stage, and this year we are co-organising the Re:shaping work event with the university of Amsterdam. Scroll down to read more about the events that we have organised and co-organised. 


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We work with the whole playing field in the collaborative and sharing economy. From companies and governments to institutions and startups, and having participated in many events, nationally and internationally, we are very proud of our diverse and broad network. We know who you need to talk to and who be a good fit for your collaboration. 


Events in 2017

RE:shaping work

This year, we are co-organizing the first international, multidisciplinary and thought leadership event to redesign work in the platform economy.

What does the new world of work mean to the workers themselves, to companies, governments and to our economic future?  We want to engage on a conversation to shape how this new economy will transform the world. The aim of the conference is to offer a highly interactive program by having creative sessions where individuals will debate various topics, have an opportunity to visit organizations in Amsterdam, but also meet some of the "gig workers“.




shareNL organises an average of three meetups per year, covering a wide range of topics. For the present year we have prepared a series of Meetups under the broader theme of ‘’The Future of the Collaborative Economy’’ .

We tend to underestimate the speed of how this technologies will revolutionize the sharing economy and society as a whole. We see an urgent need to start a conversation on these topics to seize all the opportunities they offer. For us, is not about the technology, it is about the people. 

March:               Collaborative Economy & Blockchain

June:                  Collaborative Economy & Internet of Things

September:        Collaborative Economy & Artificial Intelligence 

December:         Collaborative Economy & Robots



shareNL Meetups provide the opportunity to share insights on the collaborative/sharing economy in an informal environment. Meetups promote the flow of ideas within a friendly and easygoing atmosphere and are known for being informative but personal and relaxed.


In 2016 we organized and co-organized the following events. 

The shareNL Car sharing symposium

In 2016, we shareNL organized the successful car sharing symposium with over 230 participants, with attendants such as governments, founders and co-founders, company representatives, car dealers, car users, consultants, and over 45 speakers. 


NRC live sharing economy event

The NRC Live sharing economy event is co-organized by shareNL, and is aimed at companies and organizations that face the disruptive effect of players within the sharing- and collaborative economy who create tremendous gorwth.


TNW conference collaborative economy stage

shareNL were co-organizers of the collaborative economy stage at the TNW Conference in 2016., where several founders of startups within the field spoke. 

EVENTS in 2016



shareNL organizes the Sharing Week which is designed to help companies, organizations and platforms come together in a shared effort on how to move forward to reach new groupd of people with an interest in the sharing- and collaborative economy. 

Events 2015