Since the transition from horse carriages to the automobile, changes have been evolutions, but no revolutions. Now we are at the verge of a true revolution in transportation. Electrification has been slowly entering the market. The arrival of self-driving technology looks promising. It might finally be the moment that the automobile delivers on its promise; from 'mobile' to truly 'auto-mobile'. But what about sharing? Shared transportation has huge potential and benefits. Yet it is still small and not so much on the radar as automation and electrification are. Let's dare to harness the secret power of sharing. By getting to work with shared mobility solutions today, we will be ready for the autonomous mobility of tomorrow. 

In this month's insights, you can read about:

  • Europe's collaborative economy in 2030
  • Interview with Harmen van Sprang and Pieter van de Glind in Reinvent
  • How to ensure that everyone has access to mobility, with less automobility
  • Why parking needs more attention
  • Webinar about how the blockchain impacts the sharing economy and the world 

And much more...