In the midst of city leaders from 22 cities, 13 countries and four continents, we launched the Sharing Cities Alliance during the world's second Sharing Cities Summit hosted by New York City. A milestone for urban development and the sharing economy. New York deputy mayor Alicia Glen summarised the widespread attention for the Summit and the Alliance as 'a true testament of the global nature of the sharing economy and its impact on urban life.' We are excited to be working with a diverse group of global cities enabling them to continuously address the sharing economy and improve the lives of their citizens. Through the cities that joined thus far, we already impact 72.000.000 citizens across three continents. More soon!

In this month's insights you can read about: 

  • The publications of the Sharing Cities Alliance
  • The combination of electric car sharing
  • The Blockchain and the Collaborative Economy online seminar
  • The Breadfunds Alliance

And much more...