This meetup was a hit for anyone interested in Blockchain technology. 125 people enrolled to the meetup - showing a huge interest in new technologies and how they are connected to the collaborative economy. That's why we're organising another meetup in June on the Internet of Things and the collaborative economy. Bringing together several experts in the field, as well as building a choc-chain, shareNL was able to introduce Amsterdam start-ups and other players to the Blockchain technology and facilitate dialogue around the future of this amazing technology. Can the Blockchain reshape the the world for people and organisations? Read the full review here!

Read about: 

  • The future of work and time. 
  • Why tourists choose Airbnb. 
  • The sharing economy in disadvantaged communities. 
  • Collaborative platforms and the labour force. 
  • What our youngsters can share. 
  • Sharing in Antwerp's creative & cultural sector. 
  • And check out where we will be in the next few days - busy month of March!