By Yue Jik Chu and Lies van den Eijnden

The NRC Live Deeleconomie event that we co-hosted last week gave a good opportunity to become fully immersed in the collaborative economy: especially for newcomers. Which is why it makes sense that the names of two certain big platforms in the collaborative economy (we think you know who) were mentioned over and over again. But isn’t the collaborative economy more than these two giants? Luckily, throughout the day a large variety of other platforms were discussed. New insights, going beyond the platforms that set the stage, were presented. The event shed light on the many sides of the collaborative economy.

The program was devided into four sessions with diffent themes: The bigger picture; Context the Netherlands; The driving forces for the collaborative economy; and the round tables sessions.

What were the key take aways?

1  When we focus on the developments in the collaborative economy, the technology that iss behind the platforms is important. These technologies provide us with powerful instruments with the potential to enhance the quality of our lives.

2  The crowd and so-called ‘prosumers’ are of increased importance. New forms of collaborative governance are discussed as an alternative to profit oriented monopolies.

3  The right-to-challenge concept was mentioned as a powerful tool for the government to regulate the collaborative economy.

4  Currently the market decides which platforms scale-up. A shift is needed from profit to social value.

5   Nothing is decided yet: the field is still open for new developments. We are at the beginning of a revolution that is bigger than the collaborative economy. Are we moving from the Internet of Things to autonomous cars to block chain systems?

The collaborative economy enables unique opportunities because of the network, crowd, time and technology that are currently available. Still, there is a long way to go before the point is reached were everything is solved within the market. But one thing is certain: it definitely didn’t matter which platforms are mentioned most, the collaborative economy is so much more than the platforms alone.

Want to see which collaborative economy enthusiast were present? Find the pictures here!