Internet of things (IoT) was the second technology in focus during this year’s series of shareNL Meetups. Nowadays not only users connect with smart things through the Internet, but things connect to each other. What if we could connect excess capacity to the Internet in order to make it visible and to make it accessible? Natalia Garcia (shareNL) wrote a recap of the evening about the different topics that were addressed. In the introduction Ananda Groag (shareNL) said: 'Thanks to IoT, mobility can be like water: always running, fluid, cheap, available everywhere and without private ownership’. Manon den Dunnen (IoT Sensemakers) pointed out that putting sensors to things make them aware of their environment, but this doesn’t necessarily make them ‘smart’. ‘Smart’ means being able to detect the precise information relevant for us in a particular context. 

In this month's insights you can read about: 

  • Recap of the meetup on the collaborative economy and Internet of Things
  • European agenda for the collaborative economy
  • How to deal with the resistance of car sharing
  • Tax authorities and the online sharing economy 
  • Experiencing the sharing economy with Lena 

And much more...