Right now we are in New York City gearing up for a new global sharing economy milestone: The Sharing Cities Summit ('Share 2017') and the launch of a global Sharing Cities Alliance. During this summit, hosted by New York City's Deputy Mayor, Alicia Glen, we will speak for and work with vice-mayors and their teams from all continents. The goal of the summit, and our constant ambition, is to tackle challenges and grasp the opportunities of the sharing economy. During the closure of the summit we will officially launch the Sharing Cities Alliance, an independent foundation that fosters city-to-city learning and guides city governments from all continents while providing them with relevant knowledge and network necessary to benefit from the opportunities and deal with the challenges of the sharing economy. Through the alliance, cities are enabled to continuously address the sharing economy and improve the lives of its citizens. At the summit, 23 deputy-mayors  and city leaders are attending representing +180.000.000 citizens. We are both honoured and excited to launch the alliance at the summit and look forward to a future of sharing cities.

In this month's insights, you can read about: 

  • The official launch of the Sharing Cities Alliance
  • What we can learn from 50 years car sharing 
  • Amsterdam's Ecosystem
  • Experiencing the sharing economy: Camptoo

And much more...