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After having done over 300 presentations in more than 15 countries and organized 30 events, we have expertise in a broad spectrum of topics related to the collaborative/sharing economy.



We have done workshops at events, with companies, governments and with several European Union institutions. We have ready made packages, and we can develop tailor made workshops that fit your goals. 

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Together with businesses, governments, organisations, institutions and startups we work to develop the collaborative economy. We do this through providing strategic advice and consulting that fits your business model or city. From providing insights to the new markets and trends, to developing a plan to tackling challenges and fostering opportunities. 


Every year, we organise and co-organise events relevant for the collaborative economy and the next level. 


With the monitor, we map behaviour in the market, and gather and share knowledge with the collaborative economy research library. We have worked on several national and international research projects (for example in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and EU).