MOBILITY in the collaborative economy


The Green Carsharing Deal is an agreement between a broad coalition of 40 providers of car sharing, leasing companies, insurance companies, municipalities, businesses, interest groups as well as the national government, to join forces with the aim to expand the car sharing concept and implementation. The goal of the project is to increase car sharing to 100.000 cars by the year of 2018 as well as to increase the usage of underutilized car parts.


The is an independent website about car sharing that was created as a result of the cooperation between 42 very diverse organizations around car sharing. Knowledge and news is gathered and communicated through this central platform relevant for any player in the car sharing and mobility industry. 

Driving change - Carsharing Symposium

Access to mobility is becoming less dependent on owning a car.  The portion economy offers opportunities to people - to provide maximum access to mobility - both professional and personal.  Carsharing is still in its infancy but the potential is great.  How do we bring together car parts to fruition?What is the best route to growth?  Join in and drive change!


We have globally recognised experts who gladly share our knowledge through keynotes, workshops and events. One of our speakers, Ananda Groag, has extensive expertise within shared mobility, smart mobility and the future (as well as autonomous) mobility.