Ananda Groag

Ananda Groag works for shareNL - the international knowledge and network platform for the sharing economy based in Amsterdam. As a shared mobility expert she consults, presents, researches and brainstorms about the future of (shared) transportation, MaaS and related topics.

In 2015, she brought together 42 organisations in a private-public partnership to grow car sharing together. Amongst other projects, she introduced a yearly Benelux car sharing conference and launched and manages an independent news & knowledge website about car sharing (

She developed an interest for mobility at TomTom, working with navigation, maps, fleetmanagement, real-time traffic data and the taxi industry.

Ananda practises what she preaches and does not own a car. She seamlessly combines different modes of transportation. 

Speaking topics

  • sharing / collaborative economy
  • shared mobility
  • smart mobility
  • autonomous mobility
  • next level of mobility
  • sharing / collaborative economy and your industry (mobility / tourism / logistics / insurance / real estate etc.)
  • platform economy
  • autonomous economy (artificial intelligence / blockchain / robotics / IoT / AR etc.)


  • Autonomy (Paris)
  • Wocomoco (Warschau en Innsbrück)
  • Purpose Day (Amsterdam)
  • Inspiratiedag duurzame mobilitieit (Gent)
  • Let’s Gro (Groningen)
  • Campus Party (Utrecht)
  • NRC Live (Amsterdam)
  • 50 years Witkar (Amsterdam)
  • Mobility FastFWD (Utrecht)
  • Europeanmobilityweek kick off (Brussels)


Autonomous Paris (2016)

50 Years Witkar (2017)

Mobility FastFWD (2017)