Pieter van de Glind

Pieter van de Glind is a co-founder of shareNL. Being an independent expert in the field of sharing and platform economy, he advises startups, businesses, governments and NGOs worldwide. Over the past years Pieter gave 200+ presentations all over the globe: from Paris to Seoul, and from New York to Tokyo. Furthermore, together with Harmen van Sprang, he is the author of a business book on the sharing and platform economy. And he is a spokesperson for the international press and contributed to 100+ publications.

In 2017 Pieter launched a second organization, the Sharing Cities Alliance. Being the initiator of Amsterdam Sharing City and a member of the international advisory board of Sharing City Seoul, Pieter now brings cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York City, Toronto, Seoul and Singapore together to help them seizing the opportunities and addressing the challenges of the sharing and platform economy.

Building on his knowledge and expertise, Pieter and his team now also guide the organizations in their ecosystem on emerging technologies. Always with an eye for a balance between technology and society. Their motto is ‘reshaping the way we live, work and play.’


Speaking topics

  • Sharing economy

  • Platform economy

  • Sharing cities (including Amsterdam Sharing City)

  • Sharing economy and your industry (mobility / tourism / logistics / insurance / real estate etc.)

  • Emerging digital technologies (like artificial intelligence)

  • Future of work

  • Digital innovation

  • Startups / (social) entrepreneurship

  • Balance between (hu)man & machine


  • Some of the occasions Pieter spoke:

  • European Commission (Brussels)

  • OECD Forum (Paris)

  • Sharing Cities Summit (New York City)

  • Share Summit (Tokyo)

  • Ouishare Fest (Paris)

  • Eurocities (Milan)

  • Forum PA (Rome)

  • Tel Aviv City Hall (Tel Aviv)

  • Yachay University (Quito)

  • Seoul Sharing Festival (Seoul)

  • Sharing Economy conference (Taipei)

  • I-Share Symposium (Berlin)

  • Trentino School of Management (Trento)

  • Place Marketing Forum (Madrid)

Pieter spoke at ShareLab, an event we held in November 2017 with over 200 high-profile attendees from the worlds of policy, practice and research. He was engaging, informative and confident, and the audience feedback from the session he was part of was very positive. We hope to see Pieter at a future Nesta event!
— Nesta
It was a delight to have Pieter present at the second ShareIsrael Summit 2016. We thought Pieter delivered a highly inspirational message on the sharing economy as a tool for urban development. The summit’s audience found Pieter’s presentation enthusiastic, enjoyable and stimulating and it was undoubtedly one of the best we have had in the summit! We would love Pieter to pay us a return visit to give another of his talks in the future.
— Weconomize

Seoul Sharing Festival (2016)

I-Share Symposium (2015)

Ouishare Fest (2015)

Fast Moving Targets (2014) (in Dutch)

Except Event (2014)

TEDxYouth (2013)