Harmen van Sprang

Harmen van Sprang is a co-founder of shareNL. Being an independent expert in the field of sharing and platform economy, he advises startups, businesses, governments and NGOs worldwide. Over the past years Harmen gave 200+ presentations all over the globe: from Paris to Singapore, and from New York to Tokyo. Furthermore, together with Pieter van de Glind, he is the author of a business book on the sharing and platform economy. And he is a spokesperson for the international press and contributed to 100+ publications.

Earlier this year Harmen van Sprang launched a second organization, the Sharing Cities Alliance. Being the initiator of Amsterdam Sharing City and a member of the international advisory board of Sharing City Seoul, Harmen now brings cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Washington DC and Toronto together to help them seizing the opportunities and addressing the challenges the sharing and platform economy gives rise to.

Building on his knowledge and expertise, Harmen and his team now also guides the organizations in their ecosystem on emerging topics like artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain. Always with an eye for an equilibrium between technology and society. His motto is ‘reshaping the way we live, work and play'.


Some of the occasions Harmen spoke:

  • United Nations - session for UNECE Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness (Geneva)
  • Eurocities (Milan)
  • European Commission (Brussels)
  • OECD Forum (Paris)
  • Forum PA (Rome)
  • Ouishare Fest (Paris)
  • Share Summit (Tokyo)
  • Sharing Cities Summit (New York City)
  • Internet Week (Aarhus)
  • Oslo Innovation Week (Oslo)
  • Social Innovation Summit (Malmo)
  • Sustainability Forum (Luxembourg)
  • World Expo (Milan)
  • The Arts in a Digital World Summit (Montreal)
  • IWA conference (Toronto)

Speaking topics

  • Sharing / platform economy
  • Sharing cities (including Amsterdam Sharing City)
  • Sharing / collaborative economy and your industry (mobility / tourism / logistics / insurance / real estate etc.)
  • Platform economy
  • Autonomous economy (artificial intelligence / blockchain / robotics / IoT / AR etc.)
  • Startups / (social) entrepreneurship
  • Digital innovation
  • Balance between (hu)man & machine

Harmen was a valuable sparring partner in preparing for our event and a knowledgeable speaker. He was able to both paint the bigger picture of the sharing economy in the Netherlands and lead a smaller group discussion on the practical issues within a sharing city.
The embassy of the Netherlands in Norway worked together with Harmen van Sprang of ShareNL to create awareness in Norway on sharing economy. Both in the preparation and the execution of the workshop Harmen has shown that he has in-depth knowledge on Sharing Economy. An important added value to the workshop was the ability of Harmen to look at the topic from different perspectives. The most important strength however, was the enthusiasm Harmen showed for the theme during the workshop
— Norwegian Embassy

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