Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang are the co-founders of shareNL, the independent knowledge and networking platform in the collaborative (sharing) economy. shareNL advises and supports start-ups, organizations, corporates, governments and individuals and is an initiator of the 'Amsterdam Sharing City'. Pieter and Harmen are also established speaker in the Netherlands as well as internationally. 

The collaborative economy is a driving force of a new era, and the Internet has allowed us to not only access and share our pictures, videos and stories, but also our cars, homes, belongings, food, energy, knowledge and our capital. In this new economy, we are moving more towards accessibility rather than ownership; we can now travel without checking into a hotel, use a car without approaching a car rental company, pursue studies without universities, using tools without having to visit a store, utilize energy without an energy company, and receive a loan without involving a bank. 

On the basis of examples provided by the Van de Glind and Van Sprang research, the collaborative economy is mapped according to different markets. The shareNL book gives a unique insight into the development of this new economy, and it shows what opportunities and challenges that exist for both emerging and established organizations, as well as deliberating how leaders of the future economy are already shaping it. 

What people say about the book:

"A must for anyone who wants to understand how to build a successful organization in the sharing economy. Pieter and Harmen combine insights, research and principles; providing the reader with a clear picture of how to find their way in this new world of opportunities."  Rachel Botsman, author of 'What's Mine Is Yours' and professor within the collaborative economy field at Oxford University. 

"Companies like Peerby and Thuisafgehaald offer tremendous opportunities for a more inclusive economy. 'Share' describes what the sharing economy is in a clear way, as well as why we must dive into it. A must-read." - Willemijn Verloop, founder of War Child and Social Enterprise NL. 

"This book contributes in an interesting manner to the public debate about the phenomenon of the sharing economy. 'Share' is therefore recommended to each actor and organization who wants to know what is happening in the field of the sharing economy in several markets. Pieter and Harmen share their extensive experience withing this new form of business economics with the reader."  - Bart Jan Krouwel, founder of Triodos Bank and former CEO at Rabobank. 

"The world is increasingly becoming a platform. A platform on which we can access education, healthcare, transportation and arrange holidays online. This book addresses how to take advantage of opportunities as well as naming dilemmas in the sharing economy. The combination of knowledge and experience of the authors makes this a must-read book." - Ger Baron, CTO at the City of Amsterdam. 

"The sharing economy is a major new component in the new system of socio-economic value creation network in the Society 3.0. The sharing economy is fundamentally changing existing business models. 'Share' is a book that provides insight into the question that currently occupies the mind of many entrepreneurs and companies: what is the role of organizations in this consumer-driven economy?" - Ronald van den Hoff, founder of Seats2Meet and author of the book 'Society 3.0'.

"Not to be missed! Looking upon the future, a tool for clear guidance, and an approach of Dutch common sense."  - Jacobine Das Gupta, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at DSM

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