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We host, co-host, speak at, and attend many events in many different places.


future of work event


Employment is changing dramatically. With the push of a button we can have services delivered to our exact location and the number of gig workers is substantial and rising.   What does the new world of work mean to us?         

          The 19th and 20th of October, academics, policymakers, business leaders and platform workers will come together to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it.

Check out our website: www.reshaping-work.com

shareNL blockchain meetup


shareNL frequently organises meetups. The meetups vary from focusing on specific content to bringing starters in the field together and discussing and helping each other with ideas and ambitions. The meetups are essential to connect and create a network among startups and organisations in the field. This year, we will organize 4 meetups and they highlight the new technologies in relation to the collaborative economy, and topics that we cover are: Blockchain, IOT, AI and Robotics. View our meetup page to learn more about our metups. 

Sharing City Game

Previous meetups

The very first shareNL meetup was held already in 2013 and since then we have hosted many more meetups. It was during one of these meetups that we introduced the very successful Sharing City Game, which we later played in Paris at the Ouishare Fest, and which has become quite a hit now. Read more about the Sharing City Game here


PAST EVENTS: What were we up to in 2016? 

21 Dec 2016   |    shareNL meetup   |   Amsterdam (Public) 

13 Dec 2016   |   Young Changemakers Challenge (Samantha van den Bos)   |   Amsterdam (Public) 

6 Dec 2016   |    PIM top 13 Marketing books literature awards 2016   |   Amsterdam (Public)
3 Dec 2016   |   Antwerp Business School Masterclass (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Antwerpen (Private)                    

29 Nov 2016   |   Workshop: Mapping Den Haag sharing city (Samantha van den Bos)   |   Den Haag (Private)

24-25 Nov 2016   |   Sharing Event Tokyo (Harmen van Sprang and PIeter van de Glind)   |   Tokyo (Public) 

22 Nov 2016   |   SmartCity 2016 - Opening Keynote (Samantha van den Bos)   |   Helsinki (Public)

17 Nov 2016   |   Purpose Day (Ananda Groag)   |   Amsterdam

16-18 Nov 2016   |   Eurocities Milaan (Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang)   |   Milan (Public)

11 Nov 2016   |   Coll. Econ. Tour, co-organized with European Commission (Harmen van Sprang)  |  Amsterdam (Private) 

10 Nov 2016   |   Coll. Econ. Workshop, co-organized with European Commission (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Amsterdam (Private)

9-10 Nov 2016   |   Inspiratiedag Gent Keynotes (SelfCityGhent &  Living Labs & Shared Mobility) (Samantha van den Bos and Ananda Groag)  |   Gent (Public) 

9 Nov 2016   |   Let's Gro - Keynote / Workshop (Samantha van den Bos and Ananda Groag)   |   Groningen (Public)                                                            
9 Nov 2016   |   Haagse Hogeschool - Keynote / Workshop (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Den Haag (Private)

6-7 Nov2016   |   Global Sharing Fair Seoul (Pieter van de Glind)   |   Seoul (Public)   

1 Nov 2016   |   Exploring social value in the coll. econ., Nesta (Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang)   |   London (Private)                      
30 Ot 2016   |   Culturele Zondagen Keynote (Samantha van den Bos)   |   Utrecht (Public)

27 Oct 2016    |   NRC Live sharing economy event (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Amsterdam (Public) 

25 Oct 2016   |   Staat van de Stad (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Amsterdam (Public)

21 Oct 2016   |   Dutch Embassy Oslo - Keynote / Workshop (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Oslo (Private)

18-21 Oct 2016   |   Oslo Innovation Week Keynote (Harmen Van Sprang)   |   Oslo (Public)

14 Oct 2016   |   Stakeholder's roundtable ProjectFires (Pieter van de Glind)   |   Utrecht (Private) 

14 Oct 2016   |   Zanox Keynote (Harmen van Sprang)    |   Amsterdam (Public)

11 Oct 2016   |   JRC Annual Conference (Pieter van de Glind)   |   Brussels (Public)

7-9 Oct 2016   |   Autonomy Paris (Ananda Groag)   |   Paris (Public)

6 Oct 2016   |   Workshop sharing- and coll. econ. in development @ Partos Innovatie Festival (Samantha van den Bos)   |   Amsterdam (Public)                            

5 Oct 2016   |   Den Haag Sharing City Round Table (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Den Haag (Private) 

3 Oct 2016   |   2nd Workshop VVA with EU commissioners (Pieter van de Glind)    |   Brussels (Private)
27 Sept 2016   |   shareNL symposium autodelen (Ananda Groag + team)    |   Den Haag (Public)  

26 Sept 2016   |   Rotterdam Sharing City Round Table   |   Rotterdam (Public)

26 Sept 2016   |   Panel at Bovag werkconferentie (Pieter van de Glind)   |   Bunnik (Private)        

20 Sept 2016   |   SEFA Conference Keynote (Harmen van Sprang)   |   Amsterdam  (Public)