We design experiences to inspiring locations. These are a true journey into the heart of our ecosystem. Those who take the trip will get to know the people using, and building the latest technologies. We offer trips designed for corporations, governments, journalists, investors as well as general trips for diverse audiences. Doing a trip will bring you an explosion of ideas, practical examples and network.

Pilot Projects

We offer shared pilots. Every year we collectively discover the possibilities of a new technology with a selected group of ten organisations that each operate in a separate field or different geographical area. In 2018 we will discover multiple appliances of blockchain technology. Companies that sign up commit to doing at least one pilot during this year. We provide all participants with a head start on the latest developments, and make sure the collective experience is shared within the ten participating organizations by organizing an opening, and closing event, and by creating beautifully designed communication materials. Participating in a shared pilot will bring you the experience of ten leading organizations first hand, and will put your company in the lead.