Welcome to a new world. A world where everyday, there is more technology in our lives, and more life in our technologies. A continuous interflow of humanity and technology is reshaping our society. Finding an equilibrium between ‘man and machine’ is of the essence. We invite you to join us today, in order to develop the opportunities and take on the challenges of tomorrow together.

Our journey began during the emergence of the sharing economy. Over the years we developed a deep understanding of how online platforms are reshaping the way people connect and how this affects industries and societies. We evolved into an agency with a unique global perspective and network. An ecosystem consisting of the world’s largest online platforms, world leading companies, and some of the most advanced city-, state- and intergovernmental organizations. We have developed a strong track record on strategically consulting the leadership of governments and businesses.


Today we are firmly rooted in the sharing & platform economy, but as our ecosystem evolves we comprehend that digital platforms are only forming the foundations of where we are heading. New technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things will build and grow on these platforms and bring us new levels of platformization and automation. Together with our ecosystem we embody this change, always with an eye for the 'people perspective.'

Collaborating with us means you get access to insights, inspiration, intelligence and interaction. We are here to help you see, feel, think and create the change. From an inspiring keynote presentation to a highly effective one-on-one. From a creative concept to adapting your strategy. And from organizing an unforgettable experience or event to participating in a pilot project. We encourage you to explore what we have to offer you. Come on board, join our ecosystem and start ‘re:shaping the way we live, work & play.’