Events in the collaborative economy

Every year, we organise and co-organise events relevant for the collaborative economy and the future of the new economy.


Events in 2017

RE:shaping work

This year, we are co-organizing the event re:shaping work, focusing on the future of work, a topic that studies show will experience tremendous change with new technologies such as online platforms, robots, and artificial intelligence. The topic is an important topic of many organizations, policy and business leaders. Stay tuned for more information about location, date, speakers etc. 


shareNL frequently organises meetups. The meetups vary from focusing on specific content to bringing starters in the field together and discussing and helping each other with ideas and ambitions. The meetups are essential to connect and create a network among startups and organisations in the field. This year, we will organize 4 meetups. Next meetup coming up: 

Date: 2nd March. Topic: Blockchain and the collaborative economy. Place: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. FREE. Sign up

Next meetups will focus on: IOT and the collaborative economy; AI and the collaborative economy; Robotics and the collaborative economy. 

EVENTS in 2016

In 2016 we organized and co-organized the following events. 

The shareNL Car sharing symposium

In 2016, we shareNL organized the successful car sharing symposium with over 230 participants, with attendants such as governments, founders and co-founders, company representatives, car dealers, car users, consultants, and over 45 speakers. 

NRC live sharing economy event

The NRC Live sharing economy event is co-organized by shareNL, and is aimed at companies and organizations that face the disruptive effect of players within the sharing- and collaborative economy who create tremendous gorwth. 

TNW conference collaborative economy stage

shareNL were co-organizers of the collaborative economy stage at the TNW Conference in 2016., where several founders of startups within the field spoke. 

Events 2015


shareNL organizes the Sharing Week which is designed to help companies, organizations and platforms come together in a shared effort on how to move forward to reach new groupd of people with an interest in the sharing- and collaborative economy.