become a global leader in the collaborative economy


In November 2016, the European Commission came to Amsterdam to co-host an all-day workshop about the Collaborative Economy together with shareNL. After the workshop, it was clear to the European Commission and the delegates that,
Amsterdam and the Netherlands are leaders in the field of the Collaborative Economy. 

ShareNL is in the center of this. We work with the whole playing field, and we introduce our broad and diverse network and relevant players in a tailored trip for governments, municipalities, companies, knowledge institutions and other groups. 

With a global network, it is only natural that we expand our view to other countries and continents. Every city and country has an important story to tell and unique experiences to showcase, and provide exciting insights.  




With a broad and diverse network, we will introduce you to all types of players in the field, which will broaden your view and understanding of the context and projects. 


Sharing and Smart Cities

The trip will broaden the view of Sharing Cities and Smart Cities - two concepts that are vital for the world of tomorrow - and view the interconnections and opportunities and challenges that the both create. 


The trip will include visits to local projects and initiatives among all players in the field of the collaborative economy. Not only see the concrete projects, but you will understand the process, people and technology behind the projects. 

FORMAT for national and international trips

The programme will be seamless, well planned, as well as organised in a relaxed but professional setting - something that relates to the core values of shareNL. With such a setting, relevant and deep knowledge is allowed to flow, and creativity and new ideas flourish. We can organise and co-organise all kinds of delegations, ranging from a couple of hours, to 12 days. 

The diverse ecosystem of startups in the collaborative economy in Amsterdam provides a fantastic basis for experiencing the collaborative economy first hand. ShareNL is located in the heart of the collaborative economy, and has specific expertise in the field of local, regional, national and international development. Since 2013, the experts at shareNL have travelled around the world to cities like Antwerp, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ghent, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Quito, Trento, Montréal and Toronto. The format for international trips will be constructed based on the city, however, the aspects will be inspired by the ones of the Amsterdam trip. 

The features of shareNL trips are:  

VISIT to THE CITY government or municipality

In the Netherlands, we visit Amsterdam City - the first Sharing City in Europe


get around with shared mobility

Practicing what you preach and dive into the collaborative economy

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visiting companies who incorporate the collaborative eonomy in their business model

Learn from companies who are already implementing the collaborative economy in their business model

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visiting startups and locals who share meals, skills, things, services & knowledge

Get to know the business models and opportunities that startups provide and try their services/products first hand