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ShareNL organises an average of three meetups per year, covering a wide range of topics. This year we focus on ‘’The Future of the Collaborative Economy’’ .

We tend to underestimate the speed of how this technologies will revolutionize the sharing economy and society as a whole. We see an urgent need to start a conversation on these topics to seize all the opportunities they offer. For us, is not about the technology, it is about the people. 

March:    Collaborative Economy & Blockchain

June:      Collaborative Economy & Internet of Things

Sep:       Collaborative Economy & Artificial Intelligence 

Dec:       Collaborative Economy & Robots



RE:shaping work

The rise of the platform economy has introduced a convenient way to match those in need of services to those who can offer them, and all with a click of a button. The number of so called 'gig workers' or 'platform workers' is rising. Therefore, we wonder, what will the future of work look like?              

          The 19th and 20th of October, academics, policymakers, business leaders and platform workers will come together to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it.

             ShareNL together with the University of Amsterdam, will convene this group of people during a two-day interactive conference. This is the first international and multidisciplinary event in Europe to focus on redesigning work in the platform economy. Participants will get the latest insights from policy, academia and business, and they will also get to experience the platform economy first-hand.