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'Very inspiring and comprehensive presentation!'
Ilektra Papadaki | European Commission

‘shareNL is really important to us because of their enormous network.’
Femke Blokhuis, Projectmanager economic affairs |City of Amsterdam

‘I would like to thank you for your advice, direction and contribution.’
World Economic Forum


'I was very impressed by your opening keynote in Jerusalem earlier this year'
Amanda Lind | Teva

‘Beautiful presentation, very inspiring.'
Pierre Laubies, CEO |D.E. Master Blenders 1753

'You’re one of the most inspiring organizations I’ve spoken to this year.'
Carola ter Braak, executive secretary |Centraal Beheer

'You are a partner of the municipality that makes a significant contribution to the European and international positioning of Amsterdam. […] You are an important partner of the city. '
Sabine Gimbrere, Director of the international office |City of Amsterdam

'You are building a sharing empire'

'The conference you co-organized was very stimulating and I think it was a great occasion for everyone to contribute, argue and take away something. Thanks for setting it up!'
Laurin Sepoetro, Senior Associate EU public policy


‘I can't wait to hear your lecture at our conference.’
The Israeli conference for sustainability and community


'I think what you guys are doing is really cool'

'The knowledge and network of shareNL is invaluable.'
Nanette Schippers | StartupAmsterdam

'What you are doing is unique. It would be really interesting to have you in an advisory board role'
Marie Buckingham, Associate director | Sidewalk Labs

'A really well-thought through story. I like that'
Ken Webster, Head of innovation | Ellen MacArthur Foundation

'Thank you very much for your presentation. Everyone thought it was amazingly inspiring. It was a home run!'
Herman Toch, Co-founder | FLRISH

'You have built a great portfolio and continue to do so. Congratulations!'
Ministry of Economic Affairs

'For me, shareNL is 'the' expert on the sharing economy. In their presentations they defined clearly what the sharing (or: collaborative) economy is about. It shows they have a lot of experience in the field and have a scientific background. The presentation gave relevant examples and they knew how to interact with the audience. ‘
Rolien Blanken, Lecturer and researcher Financial Inclusion and New Entrepreneurship


'Thank you once again for the super insightful conversation with the GTEC. I wish you all the best with your exciting activities and projects!’
Nolywé Delannon, Sharing Economy Task Force of Quebec, Canada

'By far the best presentation of the day!'
Thomas Burghart, Former projectmanager

'Excellent presentation. You are a natural, speaking from your heart and truly reaching the audience.'
Pieter Hendrikse, CEO JLL Netherlands

The presentation was fun, inspiring and visually appealing. They take time to explain complex concepts and ensures everyone’s on board throughout the speech. They use simple, concise examples spiced up with small anecdotes and personal experiences. I really enjoyed it!
Anna Sandvik Hauge, Communication advisor

'We learned a lot about your vision, philosophy and enthusiasm about sharing economy. The idea of sharing economy would be absolutely necessary in the coming transformation of society, and we believe it also needs to be incorporated in our area development business. We would appreciate the continued discussion with you to further explore possibilities of collaboration.'

'shareNL's keynote speech at the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Workshop 2017 helped national and local campaigners to better structure ideas about shared mobility. Their innovative approach is perfectly in line with the creativity required for such a campaign. They engaged the audience with good information and punchy statistics'
Juan Caballero, Project coordinator Eurocities

'shareNL spoke at ShareLab, an event we held in November 2017 with over 200 high-profile attendees from the worlds of policy, practice and research. The presentation was engaging, informative and confident, and the audience feedback from the session it was part of was very positive. We hope to see shareNL at a future Nesta event!'
Matt Stokes, Researcher collaborative economy

'shareNL was a valuable sparring partner in preparing for our event and a knowledgeable speaker. They were able to both paint the bigger picture of the sharing economy in the Netherlands and lead a smaller group discussion on the practical issues within a sharing city.'
Thomas van de Sandt, Program director NRC Live

'You have a really strong international network'

'We had a great interactive meeting with the Sharing Delegation from Japan. It was very interesting to exchange views and we made useful connections, leading to a growth of S2m activities in Japan.'
Ronald van den Hoff, Co-owner

'Skilled keynote speakers that left me with several important new insights. They make speaking look easy, and that breeds confidence that the audience, and also the overall event, are in good hands. I highly recommend them.'
Neal Gorenflo, Co-founder

'Your presentations were like a cold drink in the middle of the desert.'