The Sharing City platform was developed by shareNL - commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - after recognising a need for a common place for cities, individuals, governments, organisations and other interested parties with an assembled overview of the sharing economy initiatives on city level in the Netherlands. Thus, the Sharing City platform provides an overview of the collaborative economy initiatives carried out in cities, while also facilitating city-to-city knowledge and experience sharing. This is achieved through making the opportunities and challenges of the collaborative economy visible and tangible. Furthermore, through learning from each other, we can better utilise the capacity of the districts and towns.

The platform serves as a basis for cultivating pilot projects and making use of lessons nationwide in order to resiliently address urban challenges. Together, we develop the collaborative economy in all sections of the cities and municipalities in the Netherlands in order to identify solutions to urban challenges, and as such promoting the quality of life for all its citizens. Projects are carried out in multiple fields, such as security, mobility, space and vacancy rates, regional development, environment and sustainability, employment and entrepreneurship, and innovation. The Sharing City platform is the first step towards reaching a collaboration between cities as well as among the collaborative economy movements within one city. As such, the Sharing City platform enables the first step toward becoming a sharing city, and ultimately a sharing society and nation. The website is first and foremost targeted at Dutch cities; hence, the platform is in Dutch.

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Current Cities on the platform


On February of 2nd, Amsterdam declared itself the first Sharing City in Europe, and the second Sharing City in the world, after Seoul Sharing City. Since then, more and more cities look to Amsterdam as a model for Sharing Cities. Harmen van Sprang and Pieter van de Glind, co-founders of shareNL and co-initiators of Amsterdam Sharing City, visit cities nationally and internationally to inspire and share the story of Amsterdam Sharing City. 


On October 24th 2015, the first group of stakeholders and key players in Nijmegen signed a declaration with the intent to become a Sharing City, or 'Deelstad'. Since then, Nijmegen has developed into a catalyst for the local collaborative economy, working hard to promote and further develop a collaborative and sustainable infrastructure in the city, as well as promoting social cohesion and local entrepreneurship in order to address urban challenges together. 


Utrecht is a leader in the Netherlands with regards to car sharing through a successful public-private partnership with various parties. The government is actively working together with sharing platforms, insurance companies, leasing companies and other organisations in order to make the infrastructure of the car sharing as user friendly as possible and encourage the use of it. On April 2nd 2015, a Sharing City event was organised by shareNL in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht, where also Amsterdam government officials and several other stakeholders came together to address the opportunities and challenges in Utrecht. Moreover, Utrecht University performs research about the phenomenon of collaborative economy and there are a diverse set of start-ups located in the city. 



The Hague is the city to keep an eye on! There are many different collaborative economy initiatives currently blooming in The Hague within food sharing mobility, goods and money.