Sharing Cities

Since 2013, shareNl has been working with developing sharing cities both nationally and internationally. We do so through several initiatives; as initiators of Amsterdam Sharing City; creators of the Sharing City platform; creators of the Sharing City Game; and the people at shareNL recently launched the Sharing Cities Alliance. The shareNL co-founders and team members are regularly invited to speak about the Sharing City concept, and the leading example of Amsterdam Sharing City - the first Sharing City in Europe. 


Mobility is a hot topic at shareNL, and our expertise lie within shared mobility, smart mobility and the future of mobility. We are the initiators of the Green Deal Carsharing, the website, and the annual Carsharing Symposium




The collaborative economy is a fast paced transition. Every week, we sit down with our team of experts and talk about new developments, relevant themes and projects for the development and future direction. We explore the entire playing field with all players, no matter if it's a project, event or a workshop.