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Get an overview what we do to develop and put the collaborative economy on the map. 


Amsterdam Sharing City 

Founded in 2013 by Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang, Amsterdam Sharing City is the first named Sharing City in Europe. The purpose of Amsterdam Sharing City is to, as a city utilize the opportunities that the collaborative economy offers in the areas of sustainability, social cohesion and economy. Additionally, the project aims to formulate answers to the challenges that the rapidly growing phenomenon of the collaborative economy entails.

 Amsterdam Sharing City

sharing city platform (national)

The Sharing City platform was developed by shareNL after recognising a lack of a common place for cities, individuals, governments, organisations and other interested parties with a assembled overview of the sharing economy initiatives on city level. Thus, the Sharing City platform provides an overview of the collaborative economy initiatives carried out in cities, while also facilitating city-to-city knowledge and experience sharing. The platform serves as a basis for cultivating pilot projects and making use of lessons nation wide in order to resiliently address urban challenges. 


The Sharing Week is designed to help companies, organizations and platforms come together in a shared effort to further elaborate on how to move forward in their investment and development in the collaborative economy. Participants are encouraged to be ambassadors for the movement through contributing their insight to what and how much we already share. Such collaboration fosters an environment in which we all grow from each other and move forward to reach our goals in the collaborative economy.



In 2015, shareNL co-organized the car sharing symposium with Natuur & Milieu, and this year, 2016, we organized it ourselves. It was a huge success with over 230 participants, and among them over 45 speakers. Car sharing is still in its infancy, but the potential is great. The aim of the shareNL car sharing symposium is to bring all interested parties together, share knowledge, and accelerate the potential of car sharing. 

Green Deal Carsharing

The Green Carsharing Deal is an agreement between a broad coalition of 40 providers of car sharing, leasing companies, insurance companies, municipalities, businesses, interest groups as well as the national government, to join forces with the aim to expand the car sharing concept and implementation. The goal of the project is to increase car sharing to 100.000 cars by the year of 2018 as well as to increase the usage of underutilized car parts.



The autodelen.info is an independent website about car sharing that was created as a result of the cooperation between 42 very diverse organizations around car sharing. Knowledge and news is gathered and communicated through this central platform relevant for any player in the car sharing and mobility industry. 



With the world’s only sharing economy panel, we have developed the shareNL monitor. The shareNL monitor is an ongoing research aimed at providing companies, governments, start-ups, journalists and researchers with a deep understanding and practical insights of societal changes in the collaborative (and sharing) economy and the autonomous society. We regularly share free reports, the next one coming out soon. 


Collaborative and Sharing Economy Research Library

The Collaborative and Sharing Economy Research Library initiative was undertaken due to the lack of access to evidence and studies that explore and measure social, environmental and economical impact of the collaborative economy. The mission is to curate and share high-quality research through the library, making it easy for people to find unbiased and useful studies that will inspire innovation and push public discourse on the collaborative and sharing economy.

 Collaborative and Sharing Economy Research Library


The sharing economy's popularity is increasing. The term, and organisations often associated with it, such as Airbnb and Uber, are featured daily in the media. However it is not always clear what does or doesn't belong to the collaborative economy; and what the collaborative economy looks like from the 'inside'. Therefore we have created the Collaborative Economy Ecosystem. The Collaborative Economy Ecosystem by shareNL can be reused, tweaked and shared under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license

 The Collaborative Economy Ecosystem

The Collaborative Economy Ecosystem


The shareNL book 'share'

The shareNL book, share, gives unique insights into the development of this new economy, and it shows what opportunities and challenges that exist for both emerging and established organizations, as well as deliberating how leaders of the future economy are already shaping it. You can download the free chapter 'Knowledge' (only in Dutch) here



This research was conducted for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and it explores the environmental impact of the collaborative economy: an emerging and varied phenomenon on which little information is available. The research focuses particularly on goods within the collaborative economy, but also provides a description of the entire collaborative economy landscape and its sustainability impact.



This report was conducted for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and it summarises research on barriers to investment in innovation and whether opportunities are currently feasible or not in the collaborative economy, and in the area of green growth.