With the world’s only sharing economy panel, we have developed the shareNL monitor. The shareNL monitor is an ongoing research aimed at providing companies, governments, start-ups, journalists and researchers with a deep understanding and practical insights of societal changes in the collaborative (and sharing) economy and the autonomous society. We regularly share free reports, the next one coming out soon. 


The report

In the shareNL monitor report we share the latest insights and developments. There are limitless consumer studies researching why people would, or would not, be willing to use a platform in the collaborative (and sharing) economy. What we found was a gap - a gap between the willingness of using a platform, versus the actual usage of the platform. What research hasn't been able to tell us, yet, is why many of the users, who, according to the research, are willing to use a platform, are, in fact, not using them yet. This monitor goes beyond the basic consumer motivation studies. With this monitor, we share the results of our efforts to explore this gap along with insights that may help close this gap. 

The report will be released soon. 

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