Insurance in the collaborative economy

How the insurance industry can work with the collaborative economy


The collaborative economy is causing great debate within all markets – with a move from ownership to access, sharing is blurring the lines and traditional insurances don’t always cover real time cases. We can work with you through: 



We provide tailored strategic advice and consulting that fits your business model with the goal of progressing to thrive in the collaborative economy. We look at insights, new markets, trends, and we develop a plan for tackling challenges and fostering opportunities. 


We have ready-made workshops and packages. We can also tailor workshops. All workshops are design to enable your people and organisation and aim to build a vision and long-term strategy for the collaborative economy in your company. The final outcome is to develop concrete steps and pilot projects that can be initiated and implemented immediately.



We have organised and co-organised more than 25 events within the theme of the collaborative and sharing economy. Events ranging from large car sharing symposiums to intimate meetups. With that experience, we have the necessary knowledge and network to help work together with you or provide support for your event.



We can deliver any type of research. From exploratory with the goal of basic market understanding
to in-depth customer research for your company, branch or department.