The Collaborative and Sharing Economy Research Library initiative was undertaken due to the lack of access to evidence and studies that explore and measure social, environmental and economical impact of the collaborative economy. The mission is to curate and share high-quality research through the library, making it easy for people to find unbiased and useful studies that will inspire innovation and push public discourse on the collaborative and sharing economy.

Status of the project

The first phase of the project was launched on May 2015, and with very positive response.
The project is now at its second phase, with the following priorities:

  • Currently looking for the right founding partner(s) to provide support, in order to increase our capacity to deliver on the priorities.
  • Engaging a CSERL team to successfully implement phase II.  
  • Assigning a Community Manager who is to be responsible for overseeing the review process and engaging the research network.
  • Allocating a Copywriter and Blog Producer who is to be responsible for writing the 3 key insights for each study; creating content for the blog; and writing digest newsletters.
  • Appointing a Content Disseminator with the responsibility to upload research and pushing it out through different channels.
  • Finding Project & Partners Leader who is responsible for team coordination, overseeing design and UX build, budget management, and building relationships with key partners.

Background of the project:

The traditional economy is being challenged and transformed by the new economy called the collaborative economy. However, it is still difficult to retrieve unbiased evidence that uncover insights on specific verticals as well as broader social and economic issues regarding the collaborative economy. Simultaneously, a wealth of resources is buried in academics’ desktops and university archives.

Furthermore, a knowledge gap problem exists in several interaction points with regard to the collaborative economy; lack of understanding of the unique terms, what research that already exists and thus what research that should be conducted or further explored, as well as a lack of familiarity to the topic among potential influencers outside the academic world who make decisions that may have critical impact on the collaborative economy.

It is essential to create a meeting point where the research community and decision makers are connected. This will enable researchers to actively share insights and collaborate on projects among each other, while connecting them to practitioners in order to better grasp the key issues and challenges to harness the opportunities and develop solutions with meaningful impact. The Collaborative and Sharing Research Library can stimulate an increase of the visibility and quality of research as well as dialogue around the research that is being published.

If you have an interest in getting involved in the research library project or have any further questions, contact shareNL co-founder Pieter van de Glind at or reach out to us at