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For most of the freelancers in the Netherlands, pensions is still quite an unknown area. Since it's something of the (far away) future it doesn't get much interest or attention. 

This can be a pity, because people miss out on some tax benefits as well as the fact that they won't be able to build up a sufficient pension.

The workshop: 

BrightPensioen will give a free workshops in which they will explain pension in general. For example, they explain how pension works, what the (tax) benefits are and what the options for a freelancer are, and it won't be a commercial talk about BrightPensioen. As others have experienced, it won't be boring and it usually takes less then an hour. Around 45 min of the workshop is about pension itself, and then they take around 5 minutes to explain the view of BrightPensioen on how pension providers should be organized.

Who is BrightPensioen? 

BrightPensioen is a relatively new pension provider especially set up for freelancers, entrepreneurs and everybody without a employers pension plan. They are a Social Enterprise and their main goal is making pension more honest and sustainable and we do not strive towards profit maximization. They invest the pension funds of their members in a sustainable manner.As a member you also become a shareholder of BrightPensioen. In time, as the amount of members will grow, the 'member cooperation' will become the mayor shareholder of BrightPensioen and thus the shareholders and clients interest are aligned.

Date: 24th April
Time: 16.00-17.00
Location: ShareNL office, 264 Keizersgracht, 1016 EV Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Option to watch the workshop online