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ShareNL organises an average of three meetups per year, covering a wide range of topics. This year we focus on ‘’The Future of the Collaborative Economy’’ .

We tend to underestimate the speed of how this technologies will revolutionize the sharing economy and society as a whole. We see an urgent need to start a conversation on these topics to seize all the opportunities they offer. For us, is not about the technology, it is about the people. 

March:    Collaborative Economy & Blockchain

June:      Collaborative Economy & Internet of Things

Sep:       Collaborative Economy & Artificial Intelligence 

Dec:       Collaborative Economy & Robots



RE:shaping work


This year, we are co-organizing the first international, multidisciplinary and thought leadership event to redesign work in the platform economy.

What does the new world of work mean to the workers themselves, to companies, governments and to our economic future?  

We want to engage on a conversation to shape how this new economy will transform the world. The aim of the conference is to offer a highly interactive program through creative sessions where individuals will debate various topics, have an opportunity to visit organizations in Amsterdam, but also meet some of the "gig workers“.