Since 2013, shareNl has been working with developing sharing cities both nationally and internationally. We do so through several initiatives; as initiators of Amsterdam Sharing City; creators of the Sharing City platform; creators of the Sharing City Game; and in progress of developing the Sharing City Lab. The shareNL co-founders and team members are regularly invited to speak about the Sharing City concept, and the leading example of Amsterdam Sharing City - the first Sharing City in Europe. Below you find some of our core ventures regarding Sharing Cities.

Working together with all stakeholders involved, we aim to find solutions for urban challenges by developing the collaborative economy in cities and municipalities around the world.

Amsterdam Sharing City

Amsterdam Sharing City

Founded in 2013 by Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang, Amsterdam Sharing City is the first named Sharing City in Europe. The purpose of Amsterdam Sharing City is to, as a city utilize the opportunities that the collaborative economy offers in the areas of sustainability, social cohesion and economy. Additionally, the project aims to formulate answers to the challenges that the rapidly growing phenomenon of the collaborative economy entails.

Sharing city alliance

Sharing city Alliance (GLOBAL)

It is with great pleasure we would like to introduce you to the Sharing City Alliance which is aimed at all cities who want to take it to the next level. Being a Sharing City Alliance member means you get full access to all you need to be(come) a Sharing City. We provide you with knowledge, insights, research, tailor made advice, coaching and events. Plus you get the opportunity to continuously share experience and collaborate with fellow members of the Alliance.  

Sharing City platform

Sharing City Platform (DUTCH)

The Sharing City platform was developed by shareNL after recognising a lack of a common place for cities, individuals, governments, organisations and other interested parties with a assembled overview of the sharing economy initiatives on city level. Thus, the Sharing City platform provides an overview of the collaborative economy initiatives carried out in cities, while also facilitating city-to-city knowledge and experience sharing. The platform serves as a basis for cultivating pilot projects and making use of lessons nation wide in order to resiliently address urban challenges. 

Sharing City Game

Sharing City Game

The Sharing City Game is a game designed by shareNL to approach a sharing design for urban challenges in an interactive and playful manner through the lens of fictive cases and diverse stakeholder profiles. Players become aware of the diverse perspectives that creative solutions to urban challenges require. At the same time they experience the potentials of a sharing mindset and how sharing initiatives and principles can benefit the progress of their city in an equitable and fair way. 

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