Samantha van den Bos

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” - , and technology enables us to do that collectively, inclusively and transparently.

My work focusses on the collaborative economy and social innovation, designing a new paradigm with people at the heart of it. With an intercultural communications background, I act as a liaison between different stakeholders: sharing platforms, governments, non-profit organizations and civil society; providing a safe landing for disruptive technological developments. 

I envision an inclusive collaborative economy, happy sharing cities, the application of blockchain for good, to redefine work and revitalize democracy on a local scale in a global context.

Both nationally and internationally I bring stakeholders together, coordinate and facilitate sessions, initiate and guide projects and inspire people to collectively act for a brighter future for people, our communities, our cities and the world we live in. 

Speaking topics

  • sharing / collaborative economy
  • sharing cities (including Amsterdam Sharing City) and happy sharing cities
  • the sharing economy in the global south
  • platform economy
  • blockchain 4 good
  • social innovation / inclusion / poverty alleviation
  • reinventing work


  • Designing a Sharing City at OuishareFest 2016 (Paris)
  • Harnessing the Potential of Smart & Sharing Cities, at Smart City Congres 2016, (Helsinki)
  • Amsterdam Sharing City, at SelfCityGhent (Ghent)
  • The Sharing Economy and Poverty Alleviation at Impact Hub, (Amsterdam)
  • Collaborative Economy in the Global South at shareNL (Amsterdam)
  • Introduction to the Sharing Economy at Let’s Gro, (Groningen)
  • Jedi (coach) at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, (Groningen)