Lab - innovation in the collaborative economy

The collaborative economy is a driving force of a new era, and it could lead us to a more social, sustainable and economically sound society. With the new economy growing to a billion industry and affecting all markets, it's not a trend anymore; it's a transition. We recognise the importance of constantly questioning and analysing the situation in order to see both opportunities and challenges. That's why, every week, we take time with our team of experts, to sit down and talk about new developments, new relevant themes and important projects for the development and future direction of the collaborative economy. We explore the entire playing field with all players, no matter if it's a project, event or a workshop. 


examples of current Lab projects


Re-shaping work in the platform economy conference

In the recent years we have seen an revolution of platforms such as Uber, Upwork, and Fodoora. In the meantime, the number of independent contractors is one the rise globally, and more and more workers voice their preference of flexible work arrangements. A number of studies point to the power of new technologies to bring enormous changes to the labor market, which has landed the topic “future of work” to the agenda of many organisations and regulatory institutions. Our goal is to bring together academics, policymakers, and business leaders to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it. ShareNL together with the University of Amsterdam will join forces to bring together this group of people during a two-day interactive conference held in Amsterdam.


Every year we organise 4 free meetups where we invite our whole network. Our network consists of players from the whole field, including governments, companies, organisations, startups, institutions and individuals. Prominent speakers across different sectors are invited to every meetup, and startups have the opportunity to do a quick pitch, explaining their startup concept. The planned meetups for 2017 are; Blockchain & the collaborative economy, Internet of Things & the collaborative economy, Artificial Intelligence & the collaborative economy, Robots & the collaborative economy.